5 Steps to Improve Your Energy Levels

5 Steps to Improve Your Energy Levels

If you are dealing with a long term condition, you will definitely experience days filled with sluggishness. Frequently these moments come at the worst0.20. time. In our research, we have found five key steps to improve your energy levels and productivity. Take these steps and enjoy energy levels that are adequate for your life.

1. Eating Healthier Foods

Our main source of energy is food. In order to sustain our energy levels, we have to eat healthily. Avoiding the most common trigger foods, even temporarily, can offer surprising boosts of much needed energy: refined sugar, grains, dairy nightshades and FODMAPs are all foods that we suggest avoiding temporarily as they feed bad bugs and also create excess “fire” in the body.


2. Meditation

This may sound strange, but it is so important. Meditation is a self-care approach that can lead to a better immune system and better handling of stressful situations. Our bodies will not be zapped of energy if we can learn how to stop and take a breath.


3. Delegation of Daily Tasks

This can be a hard tip to follow. Once we realize we can’t do everything on our own, our stress levels will reduce. Use a planner to delegate tasks to certain days. Take it one step forward and delegate tasks to other family members. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for their help as you go through this difficult time in your life.


4. Light Exercise

Exercise will increase our metabolism and improve our energy levels. During the day, you may need to take a short walk or do some stretches. Exercise also aids in circulation, therefore, distributing oxygen to all parts of the body. One of the best exercises is the rebounder trampoline, which is the most powerful way to circulate and activate your lymph fluid. The lymph system is the body’s sewage system and requires daily movement from you, in order to circulate lymph fluid to collect wasted from your cells. Rebounding a couple of times a day is a great boost for energy levels, clearing brain fog and ensuring your body is moving out toxins regularly.


5. Embrace Sleep

Sleep is a critical aspect of having high energy levels. When we don’t sleep well, our days are filled with drowsiness. Set a routine that includes seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Take time before bed to relax your mind. Create a space that invites a restful night’s sleep.








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