Restore 3 has been scientifically formulated to relieve symptoms of dozens of health conditions. We recognize that the culprit of these conditions have a common link: An overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria within the GI tract. That’s why Restore 3 is a thorough program utilizing 3 actions which help achieve lasting relief by providing the following action:

Disrupt – Disrupt Pathogenic Biofilm
Remove – Remove Bacterial Pathogens
Replenish – Replenish the Gut Microbiome



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Meticulous Quality Control: Laboratory Testing

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 Rigorous identity, potency and microbiological testing of all raw materials and finished goods lab woman testing microscope

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 Positive Controls – third party microbiological testing of medium to ensure no “false negative” results

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 On-site probiotic identification testing – Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test validates correct species/strain

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 Full enzyme spectrum USP / FCC assays

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 HPLC analysis

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19Bioavailability testing / Electrophoresis

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 USP enteric coating testing

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 FTIR identity testing of raw materials

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 Preservatives, Allergens, Western Blot testing capabilities




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